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Sri Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib Ji 400th Prakash Divas

1 May 2021 was the 400th birth Anniversary of the Sikh's 9th Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib Ji, who is remembered for giving up his life for freedom of religion and a reminder to every ruler in the world that all human beings must be allowed to follow and practice their beliefs without fear of persecution and forced conversions.
Throughout this year the Sikhs all over the world are celebrating, commemorating and contemplating the life and ultimate sacrifice of our ninth Guru. We, the Sikhs in Peterborough are also celebrating his 400th birth anniversary on 23-24-25 July 2021. On Sunday, 25 July shall be a special service at our Sikh Temple, Gurdwara Baba Budha Sahib Ji between 12pm to 1pm.

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